dimanche, mai 21, 2006

sick of it

How dare you call me 'annoying'.

How many times have you dealt with a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, mother, father, classmate, teacher - calling you annoying, or scoffing at you when you are upset/frustrated with society?

Whether I am upset over the fact that America has re-elected George Bush, or the fact that talentless women are still clad in bikini's on the cover of every magazine - I still find that my boyfried, or whomever is annoyed with me for being annoyed.

God forbid I express myself or have emotions.

This isn't rage. This is a contemplated anger.

How annoying of me to turn over magazine covers in the "Express" line at the grocery store. "It is an EXPRESS line," after all. How dare I take an extra three seconds out of a stranger's, or my boyfriend's life, to cover something that should't be there in the first place. Something that continues the cycle that says, "it is okay to objectify and degrade women". That little girl's, teenage girl's, women and "goodies, but oldies" alike - should feel ugly, not good enough, or fat because PEOPLE magazine tells us everyday that we should.

And I say, "F*CK YOU."

I do not want to look at that crap. Because it makes me feel fat, ugly or less than? Maybe. Or for a better reason: I would like to see Beauty. I would like to see intelligence, creativity and imagination. I would like to share childlike bewilderment with everything that graces my eyes - and enjoy it all with that person waiting so patiently behind me in line. Because as it turns out, she could be a woman. And she probably wouldn't mind staring at a piece of artwork, or nothing at all, than some no-name-waste-of-time.


Anonymous Anonyme said...

amen. though, luckily, i don't think rob really gets annoyed with me on this (or to be fair, if i feel like he does, i think it's more me projecting it on him because subconscioulsy i'm worried that as a woman i shouldn't be constantly behaving like this and that as a man, he should be annoyed that i do). but i do get it from other people all the time. like this attitude of, "can't she ever just let it go". or even worse...people who are almost amused by it. I HATE THAT!

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