mercredi, avril 19, 2006

I quit

Despite my realization that our culture is obsessed with superficial, false signs and symbols - I still fall into the trap. Just a glimpse of Scarlett Johanssen, Jessica Alba, or any of the other "stars" ruins my day...and my boyfriends. Every time I see a "sexy starlet" I get angry. I feel bad about myself in two ways. In one way I feel insecure about my own looks, or sex appeal - and then, right after that, I feel bad for buying into the brainwash.

I could say, "Its all airbrushing, makeup and surgery." And, "Isn't our obsession with "beauty" just another item for us to consume?" Yes, it might all be...but that is not the point. What is important is that we still rely on attractiveness, or sex appeal, to determine some, or all of our self worth. I've had plenty of female friends (and some male's) who have been smart, funny, strong, and "aware" - and others who are a little more superficial, or weak - regardless of our attributes...we all seem to be stuck. Stuck into giving how we look importance.

I've had friends who have said, "I'll never be as hot as him/her." Or, "God, if only I could have a body like that." Most of whom knew very well that they were being shallow. But sometimes, a bad day is all you need to feel disgusting, fat, greasy, wrinkly, or simply plain. I'm tired of having my friends feel like they're not good enough. Because even if they say that they know they're "better" in a lot of ways than these supermodels/actresses/celebrities/heiresses - My friends have starved themselves, started saving for breast implants, gotten nose jobs, suffered from bulimia, or just been depressed.


Anonymous Anonyme said...

i was just talking about this the other night with caleb and joel. it's impossible for anyone in our society to escape this entirely. how can we ignore it when we are being inundated with these images everywhere we turn. and i agree with you, i go through the same rollercoaster: first, feeling like there's something wrong with me physically and then feeling like there's something wrong with me mentally to not be able to ignore these things that are know are BOGUS. it's a 1-2 punch, i tell ya! i think the second part of it's worse. feeling like you're not strong enough and that even you being "aware" have still succombed to all of these societal pressures of beauty and superficial standards. when this happens, i just look back at this button that erinbeth and i bought together that says "fuck your facist beauty standards" and that always helps me hold my head a little higher to fight the good fight. i would be happy to let you borrow my button anytime you need a lift : )

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