mercredi, avril 19, 2006


So I was watching Maury this afternoon. Yep. I'm not one for such a show, but the topic grabbed me.

A woman who got plastic surgery at 19 and has since received 30 surguries. DAMN GINA! 'Tis insane. Now I've heard the stats...30 million American women have had plastic surgery. Yet it still shocks and appauls me to hear something so sick as 30 times. Clearly this woman has a very, very serious problem.

Apparently it all started because of a verbally abusive boyfriend. The show offered a photo of her at 19, before the surgery - she was attractive by even the media's standards. Her boyfriend, however, told her that her nose looked 'swollen' and her eyes were set too close, and of course, that her boobs sagged.

Now I would like to say, "Why didn't she tell him to F*ck off and dump the jerk?" But I know better. I know that the majority of women in our society feel "sub-par" to the likes of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Aniston (all of whom this woman wanted to have something of) - yet, I don't know many who want to look like...MICHAEL JACKSON. This woman actually brought a photo of the one-glove wonder to her surgeon so she could get the same, frightening nose.

Her psychologist tells her she has Body Dysmophic Disorder. Her plastic surgeon tells her she needs the surgery. What a bastard. He needs heart surgery.

What does this all boil down to for me?

The wise old saying: Beauty is on the inside.

It doesn’t matter how many times you change the outside - You’ll never be happy until you learn to love what’s on the inside.

Unfortunately, our society doesn’t want us to really believe that truth. But we all know it needs to happen. We all want it to happen. So what’s the problem?


Blogger tim said...

i don't get it either... we discuss this a lot - and it seems other people agree too that things need to change... but how does it start?

all this progressive discussion just gets buried by magazines and daytime talk shows... it smothers any ideas of "something else" and swallows us whole. does that make sense?

but seriously, this needs to effing change. this whole rail-thin, plastic surgery culture is really played out. i mean, if kenny rogers is doing it, then shouldn't it be on the way out?

AND WHY THE HELL AREN'T ANY FEMALES COMMENTING ON YOUR BLOG? maybe the problem is right in front of our faces...

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